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  Athletes Foot/Jock Itch Cleanse and Treat - 33ml Care Kit
Athletes Foot/Jock Itch Cleanse and Treat - 33ml Care Kit

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Athlete's Foot/Jock Itch 33ml + Fungal Cleanse Medicated Soap 3-Pack

Athlete's Foot/Jock Itch 33ml - Powerful Anti-Fungal Remedy – All Natural and Certified Organic

This is a new breakthrough treatment in the fight against athletes foot/jock itch. It is composed of certified organic anti-fungal extracts - the first and only of its kind. It is powerful, safe, and guaranteed to work.

  • Fights Athletes Foot/Jock Itch
  • Deep Penetrating Action
  • Delivers Rapid Results
  • Antifungal Remedy, Relieves Itch
  • Both USDA Certified Organic and FDA Registered

Athletes foot/jock itch Control is a proprietary formula. It is developed by Forces of Nature’s Naturopathic Doctor and company founder who specializes in medicinal plants. It is truly one of a kind and used to treat mild to moderate cases of athletes foot/jock itch. It is doctor recommend, approved for over the counter sales, and available without prescription.

For those seeking an effective antifungal remedy to eradicate athlete’s foot/jock itch, this product represents a great athletes foot treatment option as well as a jock itch treatment. It's also the solution to how to cure jock itch. Simply apply and gently rub into the affected area 3 times per day. Results are generally experienced within days.

The homeopathic medicines in this treatment deliver an antifungal effect to fight athlete’s foot/jock itch. They act to stimulate the body’s natural defenses to safely eradicate fungal infections without causing skin damage or adverse reactions. Healing botanicals and essential oils have been added which work to heal the skin on a cellular level. We are so confident this product works that results are backed by our one year money back guarantee. While most home remedies for athletes foot prove ineffective, this organic compound is a sure athletes foot cure as well as a jock itch cure.

As a result, this remedy provides rapid relief and healing of the fungal infection that causes athletes foot/jock itch. The skin is restored back to its normal healthy state once the infection clears. This treatment is pharmaceutical grade and certified organic - designed to be as strong as possible without causing irritation. Your athletes foot symptoms, like itch skin, will gone in no time.

Athletes foot/jock itch Control contains certified organic medicinal plant extracts grown in remote regions far from pollution sources like factories and roads. This not only provides the greatest therapeutic effect but, unlike many prescription jock itch creams, also helps tackle environmental problems. There is no other tinea cruris treatment like it.

The healing botanicals include Pelargonium Graveolens, containing up to 40% geraniols, which is drop shipped to our lab directly from Madagascar. Eugenia Caryophyllata with high concentrations of eugenol and sourced by our owner from island of Java, and Malaleuca alternifolia with a high concentration of terpenol-4 and sourced from Australia’s pristine Nambucca Valley. The lipophilic tendency of these materials allows them to absorb rapidly into the skin for deep penetrating action.

The quality of Athletes Foot/Jock Itch Control is so pronounced it has been issued the coveted USDA organic certification. This certifies that each and every ingredient and medicinal extracts in the product are free from pesticides, toxins and certified organic. It is the first and only antifungal treatment to achieve this milestone. This treatment is therefore truly one of a kind.

Fungal Cleanse - 3 Pack - Nail Fungus Medicated Cleansing Soap

We blended certified organic medicinal plant extracts with the proven ability to safely destroy a wide spectrum of fungi with all natural healing botanicals to create Fungal Cleanse Medicated Soap. This antifungal cleansing bar is the world’s only Certified Organic FDA Registered antifungal cleansing agent. There is nothing else out there like. It is the gold standard in healing.

Fungal Cleanse not only has incredible antifungal properties, but is also gentle and exfoliating, providing outstanding results to eradicate fungus. Anyone experiencing a fungal infection will benefit greatly with this medicinal soap and our related topical antifungal treatments. When used in tandem, they provide a preventative and curative role to eradicate fungal infections.

Our unique formula and special manufacturing process of FungalCleanse creates a cleansing bar that is an ideal medium for the dispersion of all natural antifungal agents into the skin. The formulation is based on the wealth of laboratory evidence to support its use as an effective antifungal remedy.

Fungal Cleanse helps kills fungus and is an invaluable antifungal treatment. Results are guaranteed.

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