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Athlete's Foot - Jock Itch Control

Fungal Cleanse Athlete's Foot/Jock Itch Control - 11ml
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Fungal Cleanse Athletes Foot/Jock Itch Control
Powerful and safe nail fungus remedy. Powerful and safe anti-fungal treatment
Fungal Cleanse - 3 Pack Athletes Foot / Jock Itch Control - 33ml
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Fungal Cleanse Athletes Foot / Jock Itch Control
Powerful and safe nail fungus remedy. Powerful and safe anti-fungal remedy in our Value Size
Before you learn how long a jock itch treatment takes to work, it’s important to know what jock itch is, where it comes from and whether or not it’s contagious.

You know you won’t die from jock itch. But life is miserable while scratching or trying to stop scratching your groin, anus, or upper thigh area. It’s no wonder you are looking for a jock itch cure.

The affected areas may have patches that are red, raised and scaly. These areas may even blister and ooze. The longer the condition persists, the greater the chance for the skin to lighten or darken in these areas.

The area of the groin is different than other areas of the body. It’s moist from sweat and warmer. In addition, skin breakdown triggered by the constant rubbing of clothes against the area when you walk is possible. Once you have an open area of the skin, it makes it easy for the fungus called a dermatophyte to invade the tissues. That’s when you end up with jock itch and the need for jock itch treatment.

A Jock Itch Cure Should be All Natural

Since jock itch is caused by a fungus, the solution is to use a jock itch cream or topical agent on it with antifungal properties. There are chemicals on the market that could be used, but if you use a chemical, you will eventually have to determine how to detoxify that chemical from your body.

Most people now look for a totally natural type of product that has antifungal properties but can’t find a jock itch cure or jock itch cream that meets their high requirements. They don’t want to have to worry about detoxifying it out of their body later.

All Jock Itch Cures are Not Alike

The all-natural jock itch formula created by the Forces of Nature’s Naturopathic doctor Dr. Klapper called Athlete’s Foot/Jock Itch Control is a homeopathic, all natural effective formula that quickly relieves itching and burning associated with jock itch. Created with healing botanicals and essential oils, Forces of Nature goes to extremes to make sure the best plants and essential oils are secured from the start.

The formula ingredients include Pelargonium graveolens, containing up to 40% geraniols shipped directly from Madagascar. Eugenia caryophyllata is sourced directly from the island of Java for its high concentration of eugenol. Melaleuca alternifolia comes directly from the Nambucca Valley in Australia. The plants here naturally produce a high concentration of terpenol-4. All these locations are far from any environmental contamination, which translates to direct healing effects impeded by nothing in the body.

These ingredients and all other medicinal extracts in the jock itch treatment are certified free from pesticides, toxins and certified organic.

Jock Itch Cream Quickly Relieves Itching

With a jock itch cream or jock itch cure, it’s important to deliver the antifungal substance directly into the skin without causing any type of irritation for reasons mentioned before.
Because the essential oils in the Forces of Nature jock itch cream have a low molecular weight and are so lipophilic or fat-loving, they are absorbed directly by cell membranes. This means a high absorbency rate as it penetrates deeply where the fungi is hiding. Once the fungus is killed, the itching and burning stops. Many people notice immediate relief within the first 7-10 days.  

The jock itch treatment works because it kills more and more of the fungi with each application. Apply it three times daily for best results. A jock itch cream will lose its effectiveness if you don’t apply it enough. The fungus learns how to adapt and become resistant to the substances used to kill it.

There’s no reason to keep looking for a jock itch cure. You’ve already found one. There’s not a better one on the market. In fact, this jock itch treatment is pharmaceutical grade and holds the USDA organic certification, the first and only jock itch treatment to achieve this milestone. And with Athlete’s Foot/Jock Itch Control, you have a one year money back guarantee as well.

Using the most effective jock itch treatment on the market today could make a big difference in your itching by next week. Why not see if you can beat jock itch today?
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