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  H-Balm Extra Strength - 11ml
H-Balm Extra Strength

Price: $29.95
Pharmaceutical Strength

FDA Registered

Immediate Results, Guaranteed

Used & prescribed by doctors to fight outbreaks

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Natural Extra Strength Treatment for Shingles Outbreaks

Double the potency of homeopathic material to fight outbreaks while healing damaged skin. Apply directly to an outbreak. Certified organic, very powerful, and formulated at pharmaceutical strength. Doctor recommended H-Balm Extra Strength is approved for over-the-counter sales. This is the only medicine that comes with a 1-Year Money Back Guarantee - it's that good!

  • Fast-acting relief
  • Double the potency of H-Balm
  • Fortified with extra terpene oxides
  • Can be used with Anti-Viral medications or on its own

H-Balm Extra Strength features our dual modality approach to treating cold sore outbreaks. It combines certified organic homeopathic medicines which activate immune parameters to fight outbreaks with healing essential oils to promote healthy skin. This dual modality approach expands and supports the action of the homeopathics, thereby delivering two actions in one.

Medical Endorsement

…many hundreds of people have shared their excellent response to H-Balm. This is a remarkable success, and it has brought help and assistance to so many.

— Medical Director, Herpes.org

The homeopathic medicines are manufactured in our laboratory by our naturopathic doctor and then blended with essential oils. H-Balm Extra Strength is an all-natural and certified organic medication, it is very powerful. Additional essential oils have been added to this extra strength treatment which have a wide spectrum effect.

The natural medicinal extracts in H-Balm Extra Strength include Thuja Occidentalis, Natrum Muriaticum, and Calendula Officinalis. The US Homeopathic Pharmacopeia Materia Medica notes these as effective treatments for skin eruptions. They contain naturally occurring compounds such as thujone, camphene, d-sabinene, terpinen-4-ol and bornyl acetate. The essential oils in H-Balm Extra Strength are rich in terpene oxides, linalool, and phenolic compounds. These are wonderfully soothing and cleansing. They also help promote healthy skin. H-Balm Extra Strength has lipophilic tendencies which absorb deep into skin tissue, where it works on a cellular level to effectively treat outbreaks and help heal damaged skin. Results are guaranteed.

H-Balm Extra Strength is powerful and for emergency care. Apply only during an outbreak or when you feel one coming on. For suppressive therapy application of H-Balm Daily is recommended.

Dr. Klapper, Medical Plant Specialist, describes H-Balm: All Natural Herpes Treatment

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Finally found it! August 8, 2013
Reviewer: Anonymous Person from NY  
I have dealt with frequent (3-6 times a year) cold sores for the past few years.  They make me feel incredibly self conscious.   I have tried so many different treatments! I've tried hot and cold compresses, lysine pills, and other medications.  I've found that some do shorten healing time but do not actually stifle the outbreak.   I am really impressed with H-balm (I got the extreme strength one) because I have used it several times now and so far it has prevented the cold sores from ever hitting the actual ugly, breakout phase.   What happened for me is that the area did become a little red but that was it.   You couldn't tell that I had a cold sore.  There was no dry, hard, flaky or crusty phase.   I highly recommend this product.    It has provided me with great relief.

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Brilliant Product Thus Far July 9, 2012
Reviewer: Anonymous Person from NJ United States  
I was under significant stress a couple weeks ago and was extremely concerned I would have an outbreak.  This was a very daunting possibility as I was going to be meeting up with my partner who presently lives half a country away so our times together are really limited.  Thus, an outbreak would have been a major letdown.  I discovered H-balm about a week before we were to meet.  The customer service at Forces of Nature is unparalleled.  Kevin was patient and understanding of my situation and took the time to explain how best to use Hbalm in a suppressive manner.  As far as I know--since one never really knows if one is transmitting herpes asymptomatically--I did not have an outbreak, and my partner and I could fully enjoy each other.  I credit Hbalm as normally I would have had an outbreak.  I am so pleased that Forces of Nature has taken seriously the trauma and despair those of us feel who have been diagnosed with herpes.   Thank you for creating this product.

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Easy To Use
Reviewer: Diana from IA  
The H-Balm and H-Balm Daily are very easy to use and productive.

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Very Effective!
Reviewer: Fairfacts from CO  
Service very good. Products- H-balm very good and effective &  Fissure Control worked good.

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Miracle drug
Reviewer: James from MD  
This stuff is amazing. I use this product, extra strength, and daily H-balm; and YES they work. I used to get cold sores and fever blisters when I got sick, stressed, or anything that caused stress on the lips ( I.e. Heat, wind, and even changes in altitude). Every since I began to use H-balm I rarely ever have problem. If I do feel one coming on I use extra strength H-balm and the cold sore/ fever blister is gone. It’s like there is a barrier on my lips keeping the sore from breaking the epithelium. To put it simple this is an amazing product and will never be caught without some on hand.

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