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  Hemorrhoid Control Extra Strength - 11ml
Hemorrhoid Control Extra Strength

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Pharmaceutical Strength

FDA Registered

Immediate Results, Guaranteed

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Natural Hemorrhoids Treatment

Powerful Hemorrhoid Relief and Healing Formula

FDA Registered natural treatment for hemorrhoids and certified organic, it is a safe and effective alternative medicine for hemorrhoids. Designed to rapidly heal chronic or acute hemorrhoids and provide rapid relief. Dr. Recommended and backed by our unmatched 1year money back guarantee - if you don't experience results simply return it for a full refund.

  • Treats and heals stubborn, chronic & acute hemorrhoids
  • Cure tough hemorrhoid symptoms & get immediate relief
  • Concentrated with certified 100% organic healing botanicals
  • Double the potency of Hemorrhoid Control
  • Provides rapid pain relief from painful, sore or burning hemorrhoids

This extra strength formula is designed to treat chronic or acute hemorrhoid conditions. It activates the system to unravel twisted veins, shrink swollen blood vessels, and strengthen the circulatory tract. The treatment helps heal mucous membranes, aids contraction and firms tissue - pushing blood out of enlarged rectal veins and decreasing inflammation. Results are generally experienced within minutes of application. This treatment almost always works and is backed by our 1-year money back guarantee.

Treatment is designed to be effective against the most stubborn or acute hemorrhoid symptoms. This remedy is different from Hemorrhoids Control as it is indeed stronger it contains double the potency of the active drug components, added geraniols and specific dosages of soothing botanicals to sooth aggravated rectal tissue. The extracts in this extra strength treatment are organically grown in remote regions on the islands of Madagascar and Cyprus and are found exclusively in Hemorrhoids Control Extra Strength.

The lipophilic formula absorbs deep into skin tissue, where it works on a cellular level to effectively treat hemorrhoids and help sooth damaged skin.

Treatment can also be especially helpful to ease pain from going to the toilet or hemorrhoids with sharp shooting pain. It is effective to treat mucous membranes in the rectum, which are swollen and obstruct passage. Its use therefore is of great value for reducing swelling, pain or rectal burning from hemorrhoids.

This product can be used to treat and eliminate recently diagnosed as well as chronic cases of hemorrhoids. For additional pain relief this treatment can an also be used with Fissure Control.

Dr. Klapper, Medical Plant Specialist, discusses Hemorrhoid Control - Forces of Nature

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IT WORKS! October 9, 2013
Reviewer: VERY RELIEVED CUSTOMER from Port Chester , NY United States  
This week I suffered my first ever attack of Hemorrhoids. What a nightmare!  I have been in agony for the last 5 days, and I walk dogs for a living, so you can well imagine. Inflamed, blood and pus oozing..couldn't walk, couldn't sit, holy crap who knew it could be this God-awful?  I got to Whole Foods and found this stuff, couldn't wait to order it online. I put it on a half hour ago, and I can tell you that instant relief is pretty darned accurate. I truly started to feel better within moments of application, withing five minutes it was down to mild discomfort, and now about a half hour later I feel the best I have in a week!  Pain is GONE!  I've tried every other over the counter solution you can find at CVS, including ice packs - that's no picnic. This is THE ONLY thing that's worked and it worked GREAT and RIGHT AWAY!  BUY THIS PRODUCT!!!!  I am so thankful I did, I had no clue how I would get through the next week having to go back to work tomorrow. Thank you thank you thank you!

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  1 of 1 people found the following review helpful:
works really well September 30, 2013
Reviewer: paul callicoat from bremerton, WA United States  
I used this product a few years ago and forgot to give a review.I had a call from my brother-in-law a few minutes ago to inquire about what I had used for 'roids as his wife is suffering from them .He had called my wife,his sister, who is a surg.nurse to inquire for the best dr to operate on his wife.She told him I had cured mine with Forces of Nature and to talk to me.I sent him here as it cleared up my roid.It works and I still have almost a half bottle from the second order.I don't use it as the problem hasn't reared its head again.Pun intended.

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Works great August 8, 2013
Reviewer: mark from NM United States  
This product is by far the only thing on the market that works for my hemorrhoid relief.  Those other "advertised" products were just a waste of time and money. I have suffered with H's for over 30 years and found this product about 3 years ago and it's the only thing I stock anymore. Won't eliminate 'em but one application and an hour later I can forget 'em. And the shipping service from Forces of Nature can't be beat.

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  1 of 1 people found the following review helpful:
relief finally March 6, 2013
Reviewer: Don v from simpsonville, SC United States  
I have had external hemmroids for over a year and have tried all of the over the counter products with no relief.I have tried prescription meds cream and supp. with no help.I was going to schedule a operation but thought i would try this and it is working great.I have been using it for two days and the pain is gone.If it keeps working it is a miracle and a surgery saver.I will keep you posted on your product.

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  3 of 3 people found the following review helpful:
Hemorrhoid extra strength March 6, 2013
Reviewer: Anonymous Person from Round Lake, IL United States  
This product is excellent.  Have had problems for some time and have tried everything.  This product REALLY works.  Have just placed another order.  I am a customer for life.

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