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  Wart Control Extra Strength - 11ml
Wart Control Extra Strength | Forces of Nature USA

Price: $29.95
Pharmaceutical Strength

FDA Registered

Immediate Results, Guaranteed

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Powerful Warts Treatment

Best Natural Treatment for Warts

This breakthrough Extra Strength all natural homeopathic wart treatment will:

  • Eliminate resilient warts
  • Penetrate deep into skin tissue to reach stubborn roots
  • Deliver higher potencies of thujone and triterpenes
  • Contain no toxic acids or chemicals
  • Heal damaged skin

Results are generally experienced in 1-3 weeks.

Eliminates Warts Without Scarring

Get relief fast! Wart Control Extra Strength customers report nearly immediate wart reduction.

Results in Clear Healthy Skin

The pharmacy-grade ingredients in Wart Control Extra Strength remove warts while helping healthy skin.

Requires No Surgery

Warts are eliminated without the use of lasers or other dangerous surgery.

Is Doctor Recommended

Not only do thousands of customers swear by our product, but Doctors also recommend it often to their patients.

Why It Works

There are over 200 different strains of the virus causing warts, HPV, and some of them are just plain tough to get rid of. That's we we have increased the potencies of certified organic homeopathic wart removal material and incorporated them into this Extra Strength treatment. Further, we added botanicals rich in geraniols and eugenol. These added botanicals expand and further support the action of the homeopathics.

The medicinal plant extracts and botanicals in this extra strength treatment are 100% certified organic, many organically grown in remote regions on the island of Madagascar.

The lipophilic formula absorbs deep into skin tissue, where it works on a cellular level to effectively treat resistant warts and help promote healthy skin. This extremely potent wart remover is a proprietary formula manufactured only by Forces of Nature and approved for over the counter sales.

Doctor Recommended

"Force of Nature's WART CONTROL works vigorously to fight warts with its powerful mixture of homeopathic remedies and essential oils." — Dr. Jackin, Dermatologist
Hear Dr. Klapper, Company Founder and Product Developer, discuss All Natural Wart Control

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Thank you! September 30, 2013
Reviewer: Cyn from Clifton Park, NY United States  
So I had this gigantic, nasty wart on my palm, right under my ring finger.  I tried OTC freezing, salicylic acid, duct tape and even cut it out myself.  It always grew back, bigger and badder.  I am finally getting ready to give up and call the derm, when I set out on Google and came to the Forces of Nature site.  I read the reviews, thought they were probably written by employees of the company, but decide to give it a try.  For the first week, I was thinking I just got suckered out of $30, but I wanted to give it at least a few weeks.  I noticed it was drying up, but thought nothing of it, until one happy day, the scab come off and underneath, is normal, wart free, un-irritated skin.  I am NOT kidding.  I have continued to apply because I am terrified it will grow back, but so far, so good.  I really can't believe it.  I will always be thankful and will tell anyone afflicted with warts to save their money on useless OTC and get some Wart Control!

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Wart Control Extra Strength - 11ml August 8, 2013
Reviewer: carlos millan from aptos, CA United States  
I started today and i see the difference i went with 3 minor interventions in my past and this problem had been affecting me in the last 15 years, doctors seems useless in this topic with no results. I tried everything and believe me didn't work now i doing this but also i was diagnosed with diverticulosis  so I'm taking other product just to increase the blood circulation in my colon. I will post more later as soon i see more results :)

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Great Product! March 6, 2013
Reviewer: Vicky from PA United States  
I bought this for my daughter. She had this gigantic wart on her finger. It started out looking like some type of cyst that popped and would bleed and pop over and over. At one point it got infected and we had to get a prescription antibiotic cream. Well it would grow and pop and grow and pop. We tried an over the counter wart medicine, because at this point it looked like a wart. We tried a prescription brand wart remover, with no luck.
I have literally used this product about 3-4 times on her finger. It was the size of a large pea. Which looked gigantic on her small finger. This has now shrunk it down to a small bump. It would probably be gone by now, but we've been away from home to do some remodeling and I couldn't find the bottle because of that. I am extremely pleased with this product and she can't wait to start T-ball, because now she will be able to hold the bat! It was very painful being on the underside of her finger.

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Worked Fantastic!
Reviewer: Laura from WI  
Warts no more worked fantastic. I ordered varicose vein control too and was starting to see results for that as well.

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I’ll Never Be Without This
Reviewer: Linda F.  
I  had gotten an atypical wart ( which looked to me, and my dermatologist like a basal cell carcinoma), dug out and “removed”.  The resulting depression in my skin was healing and filling in beautifully, when I began to notice, weeks later, a return of something in the middle of the scar.  It started to behave like the original wart.
</p><p>Not wanting to dig further into the already thin skin between my lip and chin, I decided to investigate what could possibly be done to avoid another ”scoop-out” procedure.  I went to a local health foods store, with a knowledgeable staff member and asked for whatever they might have for the problem.  I knew, in advance, that thugia had anti-wart properties.  The fellow returned with a bottle of your extra-strength H Balm.
</p><p>Even though that product mentions that it treats herpes, in particular, I thought that I would try it for its anti-viral action. For three days, applying it four times a day, (dropping it on) the area looked, rapidly, larger and weirder……then, one morning, after washing my face, I noticed that it was gone. I have continued applying the H Balm four times a day for over a week now.  The skin in the middle of my lesion is looking normal and continues to fill in.  I consider this awesome!(a word that I don’t use very often).
</p><p>I have since ordered two of your actual, and specific, wart products.  I also noted that you have many other specific-condition treatments.  I will never be without a supply of your unbelievably effective H Balm, or wart liquids (more than one strength) again.
</p><p>Another interesting fact; I wear makeup and I can drop the oil on the wart, it looks oily for a few seconds, but then disappears without leaving my makeup disturbed at all.
</p><p>Thank you SO much for your wonderful products and personal phone help.  I look forward to recommending your line and your website to anyone that is experiencing similar issues

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