Forces of Nature is the World’s Leading Manufacturer of Certified Organic Natural Medicines

Forces of Nature proudly offers a revolutionary new family of ultra-pure natural medicines that are both FDA registered and USDA certified organic –the first and only pharmaceutical company to offer products in this class. Our patent pending formulas rate 5-stars by satisfied customers around the world because they are fast-acting, safe, and they work.

Since our founding in 1999 by Dr. Peter Klapper, we have been passionately committed to making every step of our process support a chemical-free people and a chemical-free planet. Because we believe you can’t have well-being in one, without well-being in the other.

Our Mission: We want to heal you, so you can live in more joy and well-being

This is what gets us excited to work hard day after day. It's what makes us the most demanding buyers of organic, medicinal ingredients. It's what inspires our formulators to create the most potent remedies available anywhere.
"When you have choices, you have freedom and power. Freedom to take control of your health and the power to improve it."
-Peter Klapper, Founder, Forces of Nature

We give you the freedom to choose

  • To stop chasing symptoms and instead, heal your illness from its core.
  • To heal your body using the most potent natural medicines available.
  • To stop using traditional chemical-laced medicines that commonly have adverse side effects.

Healing Globally

Forces of Nature's medicine has been purchased by satisfied customers in more than 100 countries around the world. Its products can be purchased online in UK, Germany, Italy, and France. Its products have also been selected above others at several leading and progressive retail stores such Whole Foods.

Continued Innovation and R&D Investment

Forces of Nature continues to invest heavily in new product innovation and improving the quality of all its products. A lot has been accomplished during its first 11 years but the drive and passion is still there to always design and manufacture the best products possible. The Forces of Nature team is deep into research and development on several new product families and expects to make even more breakthrough announcements in the next few years. 

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