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Fissure - Cracked Skin Control

Fissure Control - 11ml Fissure Control - 33ml
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Fissure Control Fissure Control
Instant relief from anal fissure pain. Heals damaged rectal tissue. Instant relief from anal fissure pain. Heals damaged rectal tissue. Value Size.

What is Anal Fissure?
An anal fissure is an excruciatingly painful tear which occurs in the anus. The pain is exacerbated by friction with stool during bowel movements. Sometimes this tear can extend all the way into the anal canal. An anal fissure has the potential to develop into either an acute or chronic health condition with the passage of time unless it is properly treated and managed.  This is a condition that occurs equally commonly among both females and males, particularly those in the age category of young adults between 15 and 40 years old. Although anal fissure can be healed it is not unusual for it to recur. Anal fissures account for approximately 6 to 15% of most patient visits to colorectal doctors’ offices and more than 25% of anal fissure cases have been linked to trauma experienced by people who pass hard stool due to chronic constipation. 

Symptoms of Anal Fissures
Although aggressive research continues to be conducted to establish the etiology and pathogenesis of anal fissures, much still remains to be understood in this area. Symptoms of anal fissures include experiencing pain during bowel movement. Sometimes this pain can continue long after the person has already completed bowel movement. Other symptoms that could be associated with anal fissure include chronic constipation; presence of blood outside stools; presence of a visible tear on the side of the anus and experiencing constant or intermittent itching or burning in the same area. 

Essentials of Diagnosis for Anal Fissure
Diagnosis of anal fissure by a certified clinician is essential in order to confirm the disorder and to rule out other underlying conditions. For example, if the fissure is situated in the side of the anus and not in the back, it could be Crohn’s disease. Often the doctor may recommend testing using flexible sigmoidoscopy which is a thin tube that has a small photographic device or camera. This device is inserted into bottom part of the colon. Alternatively, a colonoscopy may be conducted in which a tube is inserted through the rectum to examine the entire colon. 

Types of Anal Fissures
The main two types of anal fissures are chronic and acute. Acute anal fissures occur suddenly and are healed within a few weeks while chronic anal fissures are recurrent. They take up to 8 weeks to heal well. 

Risk Factors
Risk factors that can lead to the development of anal fissure are varied but the common ones include childbirth; excessive consumption of white bread and other refined foods and a subsistence on a fiber deficient diet. Advancement in age and Crohn’s disease are also risk factors. Furthermore, anal fissures tend to be one of the most common causal factors of infant rectal bleeding. 

Prevention of Anal Fissure
A highly recommended method for prevention of anal fissure is avoidance of foods that cause constipation. A diet that is high in fiber is recommended. The diet should include vegetables, fruit, whole grain rice and bread, seeds and nuts. 

Complications from Anal Fissures
Some of the complications that are associated with anal fissures include failure to heal as expected, which could cause the fissure to extend further into the ring of the muscle of the anus. This makes it more difficult for it to heal, and might require surgery. Anal fissures have the tendency to recur. 

Thankfully, there are homeopathic remedies which are not chemical-laced that can provide immediate relief from anal fissures and completely health them without risk of side effects. These remedies can be obtained from Forces of Nature at a reasonable price. For example, the remedy, Fissure Control, provides relief from rectal pain and fissures. This remedy is multifunctional. It heals fissures and shrinks hemorrhoids while restoring damaged rectal muscle. The remedy is sold in 11 ml and 33 ml containers, and is both USDA Certified Organic and FDA Registered. You do not have to spend extra money for the above different health conditions. One remedy is enough for all the conditions stipulated above.  This remedy, like all remedies from Forces of Nature, comes with a 1-year money-back guarantee.

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