Use Only USDA Certified Organic Ingredients!

Be smart about what you put into your body

No toxins, No chemicals, No pesticides. Ever.

When treating your skin or any ailment, the last thing you want to do is introduce a chemical or toxin to your body. But until recently, the only over-the-counter remedies available to treat skin ailments and pain were pharmaceuticals. There were no choices.  Most consumers struggling with skin issues or other ailments purchased chemical-based pharmaceutical treatments out of necessity, rather than interest or desire. Often toxins in those treatments end up not only in our water supply and environment, but also on your skin and body when applied as an ointment or ingested as a supplement.

But we now recognize how important organic treatments are for our bodies and our health. Forces of Nature treatments are certified organic, which means that they contain no toxins, chemicals, or harmful substances. Certified organic products help to promote a healthy, chemical-free planet.  And a healthy planet means healthy people. 

We are dedicated to providing the ultimate in quality, offering over 40 certified organic medicines, which can help to safely and effectively treat everything from gout to headaches, from rheumatoid arthritis to insomnia.

Remember: If something you put in your body hasn’t been certified organic, then you are putting in “acceptable levels” of chemicals and pesticides. Always look for the Certified Organic logo for assured safety.

The ultimate in quality

The plant material we use in all our remedies are certified organic, all 200 in our pharmacy! We often buy the entire lot from our certified organic growers and therefore have medicinal plant extracts which no one else on the planet has.  This is why are treatments are so effective and unique.  They truly represent the ultimate in quality and used and recommended by health care professionals around the country.  

The extracts in our pharmacy and all our treatments are produced specifically for medicinal use and made with the highest regard for quality.  Our medicinal plants are often produced by small family owned businesses far from pollution sources who take great pride in their work.  The resulting therapeutic value and purity of our material is unparalleled and felt in each application.  Our medical staff with over 40 years experience treating patience formulate our treatments.  They realize when treating health ailments quality is King, which means only certified organic material can be used.

Our materials are carefully monitored through all aspects of the process.  This includes from the growth of the plants, to the maceration of the material, analyzation of the chemotypes within the plants, all the way to the potencizing and blending of the finished products. The end result is a line of remedies which work time after time to treat and often reverse specific health ailments.

Working with medicinal plants is our specialty

The plant kingdom is a very vast and comprehensive field.  That is why we have a microbiologist identify the chemotypes of the individual plant species through gaschromatagraph testing.  He ensures that each species in our pharmacy have the specific naturally occurring chemicals in them to deliver specific therapeutic effects.

With a pharmacy of over 200 medicinal plant extracts, and knowledge of basic biology and medicinal plant chemistry, our treatments provide a range of treatments for common ailments.  We have achieved a major milestone by being the first line of products registered as medicines with the FDA to treat specific health ailments while also being certified organic.  We accept nothing but the very best as we think you would too.
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