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"It Worked For Me!"

Forces of Nature customers share their experience

Osteoarthritis Pain Management

A year ago I injured both knees and after two knee surgeries the right knee has remained very painful. The doctor says it is arthritis. I researched reviews on this product on this site as well as other sites and everything was positive.

Having used other homeopathic remedies with good results in the past, along with the money back guarantee, I figured I had nothing to loose so I ordered it.

When it arrived I placed a few drops on my knee and massaged it in per the directions. Within five minutes the pain was cut in half. Four hours later I applied it again and within minutes the pain was completely gone! I have been using this for four days now and each and every time I put it on my knee I have the same response. It is so wonderful to not hurt.

If you are hurting and you decide to try this product I hope you will have the same kind of results goji cream. I can recommend this 100% without reservations. It is that good.

-Jill, Walterboro, SC


Thursday afternoon at around 5:00 I started using the H-Balm. I applied perhaps 4 times that evening before going to bed. Right before I went to bed about 12, I'd already seen a 50 percent improvement. I woke in the middle of the night about 4..dabbed a little on it then went back to bed. Woke up @ 7am Friday morning..the cold sore is COMPLETELY dried out AND healed over. I am completely sold...H-Balm IS the deal!
-Lisa Kenzie, FL

H-Balm Daily

“The testimonials on your website really intrigued me, and I sent away for the daily suppressant and the outbreak oil. I had the worst outbreak ever right before I ordered them, and then a smaller one right after I got them. I put the outbreak oil on, and the next day it was gone!! I have been using the suppressant oil since then, and have not had even the slightest tingle. I haven't ever tried anything else, but THIS WORKS, it really works. Smells wonderful, too. Bless you for producing such wonderful natural products and for bringing me relief! I am now a lifelong customer. I love H-Balm!”
- Sharon, Florida

Wart Control

“A little skeptical but willing to try anything once.......I tried 'Warts Control extra strength'. I can't believe it works!!! My son had 3 good size plantar warts on one foot....painful to even walk. After about a week I could see it was working unlike any other products we've tried. I will absolutely share this FIND with others!! Thanks.”
- Megan, Florida

Acne/Pimple Control

“My daughter has been treated for acne for two years without results. We decided to do a test. I had her apply Acne/Pimple Control to the left side of her face and her antibiotic cream to the right side. After a week, the results were astounding! The left side of her face is healing and the skin looks healthy and pink, while the right side continues to be full of pimples. I work in the medical field and have much faith in modern medicine, so this is quite remarkable to me.”
- Marjorie K , Minnesota

Fissure Control

“I found your product does what it says, shrinks the hemorrhoid or at least "control" and dramatically reduces to a minimum of frequency any bleeding. I also use the Fissure product if I have had bleeding and this also seems to help. I have also added extra psyllium seed husk into my smoothies as a fiber and this combined with your product has proved effective in addressing this health issue.”
- Forrest

Hemorrhoid Control

“Thank you for the “miracle” of Hemorrhoid Control Extra Strength! After 6 months of suffering, Dr’s appointments, and several prescription and over the counter medications I was desperate! I found your web site, ordered a bottle, and within the first 24 hours I knew this formula worked! Not just temporary pain relief, but this actually seems to have cured the problem. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!”
- Beverly, North Dakota


Insomnia Control

“Insomnia Control is an amazing product I highly recommend it. I have been on several medications and over the counter products to help me fall asleep and stay asleep the medications all have side effects. I am now coming off these meds and couldn't be happier with this product.”
- Tobin K., Chicago

Nail Fungus Control

“What a wonderful product! I have been using Nail Fungus Control for a toenail fungus I have been fighting for years. For the first time in years I feel that I have pretty feet. Thanks for a wonderful product that delivers what it says it will do. Keep up the good work. This stuff is amazing.”
- Terri T, Virginia

Rheumatoid Arthritis Pain Management

“I bought this for my dad who has had chronic wrist pain with no help from his doctors. I went out on a limb ordering this...and we were all pleasantly surprised and grateful that it actually does relieve his nagging pain to the point of almost non existence...we are very happy.”
- Sherry

Scar Control

“I had hip replacement surgery and the post surgical scar was about 4 inches long and very swollen. Ouch! As soon as the bandage was removed, I started using Scar Control which I had purchased prior to the surgery to help avoid scarring. Within one week I saw a dramatic improvement – the swelling was down and redness less.

The second week of use I saw the scar starting to become flush with the existing skin. Not only does this product work on the scar, but it is also very soothing and makes my skin feel like satin. My orthopedic surgeon told me he has never in his 20 years of conduction surgery ever seen a scar heal so well and so fast. This is a great product. Thanks for making it."

- Pam B., Colorado

Varicose Vein Control

“I bought the varicose vein, this product is awesome with amazing results!”
- Angela

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