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  Gout Pain Management - 33ml
Gout Control

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Fast Acting All Natural Gout Treatment

Gout Pain Management is a new breakthrough treatment. Its effectiveness is supported through science, its purity and safety established though organic certifications. This product works and backed by our one year money back guarantee.

  • Treats and Heals Gout
  • Rapid Pain Relief
  • Safe and All Natural Analgesic
  • Delivers Deep Penetrating Action

If you or someone you know suffers from gout this treatment represents a very promising treatment option.

The active ingredients in Gout Pain Management are highly potent and targeted to produce a wide spectrum of action against acute gout pain. They work to create an analgesic and anti-inflammatory effect, safely stimulating your body's immune system to eradicate illness. They help provide constitutional balance to provide long term results.

The homeopathic remedies in Gout Pain Management work quickly to reduce pain and increase mobility. The goal is to relieve pain day after day, ultimately leading to total remission. It is useful in the treatment of gout where there is inflammation and pain. Results are guaranteed.

This is a proprietary formula developed by Forces of Nature's Naturopathic Doctor and Biologist. It is highly specialized and advanced, manufactured in our certified organic lab in Sonoma. Composed of 8 individual certified organic medicinal plant extracts and homeopathic medicines, it has been issued the coveted USDA organic certification. The treatment is to be applied topically to areas of pain and gently rubbed into the skin. This topical delivery system is designed to provide immediate pain relief. Medication taken orally takes time to process through the digestive tract which is bypassed from topical application.

Gout Pain management features our unique dual modality approach to healing. It combines certified organic homeopathic medicines which activate immune parameters to provide an analgesic and anti-inflammatory effect, with certified organic healing botanicals which are incredibly soothing and nourishing. This dual modality approach expands and supports the action of the homeopathic medicine, thereby delivering 2 actions in one, providing fast effective relief from gout. This combination supports the body on a cellular level, helping relieve pain each application.

Of further benefit, the ingredients in this treatment have lipophilic tendencies and a low molecular weight. This allows rapid absorption into the system providing fast deep penetrating action. These naturally occurring compounds are wonderfully soothing and healing which is particularly valuable when treating gout.

The active ingredients include Arnica Montana and Urtica Urens, both potencized to 30C.  These homeopathic remedies are known to effectively remedy gout pain.  Further, we have concentrated certified organic Thuja Occidentalis and Silica Terra in this treatment which helps relieve burning pain and soreness.

Moroccan chamomile, concentrated in deep blue chamazulenes which are wonderfully healing, has been concentrated in our gout remedy.  It is purchased by our owner direct from the Himalayan Mountains, and flown in direct to our office for this treatment.  Pinus Vulgaris and Lavandula Super are also concentrated in this product as they too provide a wonderful healing effect.  They are also sourced by our owner from the French Alps and flown in direct to our office for this remedy.

In conclusion, Gout Pain Management works to elevate immune parameters to reduce the intensity, frequency and duration of pain caused by gout.  The objective is to reduce inflammation leading total remission of gout pain. As immunity is enhanced from the active ingredients in the remedy, application leads to long lasting results. The resulting pain reduction brings an improved physical and mental sense of well-being and an increased ability to function in life.

Gout Pain Management can be used in tandem with medications, or on its own.  It enhances the body's natural ability to stay healthy and reduces the stabbing or burning from gout pain. Results are guaranteed.

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