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  Hemorrhoid Control - 11ml
Hemorrhoid Control

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Certified Organic Treatment for Hemorrhoids

This revolutionary Natural hemorrhoids treatment is the world’s first and only hemorrhoid treatment which is FDA registered and certified organic. It is safe and effective. For topical use, it works immediately to shrink and heal hemorrhoids. Results are guaranteed.

  • Delivers rapid pain relief
  • Shrinks and eliminates hemorrhoids
  • Provides relief from painful, sore or burning hemorrhoids
  • Penetrates deep into skin tissue to heal hemorrhoids

Hemorrhoid Control is a new breakthrough remedy. It is the only medicine available to treat hemorrhoids that has been Certified Organic; it is truly one of a kind. Product is to be applied topically and delivers an immediate effect upon application. A key benefit is that it is two treatments in one. Certified Organic homeopathic drugs noted in the US homeopathic pharmacopeia to remedy hemorrhoids are blended with Certified Organic botanicals to help sooth rectal tissue. Results are backed by our one-year, money-back guarantee.

This treatment thereby combines the power of homeopathy with soothing botanicals.

The added botanicals expand and support the action of the homeopathics. This formula can ease twisted venous tissue causing hemorrhoids.

This is a natural and proprietary formula delivering quick and natural elimination of hemorrhoids. There is no tissue damage or invasive surgery.

Hamamelis Virgiana has been potentized and generously blended into Hemorrhoid Control. This is particularly useful to treat venous congestion, varicose veins, and hemorrhoids. It stimulates the system to ease twisted or enlarged venous tissue thereby smoothing hemorrhoid symptoms.

The actions of this treatment are particularly effective when hemorrhoids appear in the lower bowel and produce enlarged or swollen hemorrhoid veins. It has a particular affinity to heal swollen mucous membranes or severe rectal pain.

The lipophilic formula absorbs deep into skin tissue, where it works on a cellular level to effectively treat hemorrhoids and relieve pain.

This product can be used to treat and eliminate recently diagnosed as well as chronic cases of hemorrhoids. For more chronic, acute, or problematic hemorrhoid conditions we recommend Hemorrhoid Control Extra Strength.

For additional pain relief this treatment can an also be used with Fissure Control.

Dr. Klapper, Medical Plant Specialist, discusses Hemorrhoid Control - Forces of Nature

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hemorrhoid extra strength August 8, 2013
Reviewer: a happy customer from CT, United States  
I got the hemorrhoid extra strength and it really helps me.  I had this problem for over ten years since the birth of my first son.  It came and it went but lately it stays for a long period at a time.  I did a lot of research and used a lot of product over the last two years.  This is the first one seems to help most.  I wish I know of this product few years back, I would probably be hemorrhoid free if I treated it with this product in early stage.  But now I have it under control with this product where I can function throughout the day without too much pain.  Thank you.  By the way, the customer service is incredibly great!  I was so shock to experience such great service over the phone.  Thank you for training your people to be so nice.  l

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Best Hemorrhoid Treatment! March 6, 2013
Reviewer: L. from Chandler, AZ United States  
I've used this product off and on for about 7 years.  I use the regular strength formulation and it is amazing.  It's easy to apply with a water moistened cotton ball.  On the wet cotton ball the oil doesn't soak in as much and only 2-3 drops are enough to dab on.  I highly recommend this product to many's the best solution I've found either by prescription or over the counter.

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Good Product!
Reviewer: Joyce  
Quick delivery.  The Hemorrhoid control is a good product.

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This Hemorrhoid Formula Works!
Reviewer: Beverly from NC  
Thank you for the “miracle” of  Hemorrhoid Control Extra Strength!  After 6 months of suffering, Dr’s appointments, and several prescription and over the counter medications I was desperate!  I found your web site, ordered a bottle, and within the first 24 hours I knew this formula worked!  Not just temporary pain relief, but this actually seems to have cured the problem.</p>
<p>Today, I am sharing a few precious drops of this miracle with a friend of mine, who is an MD.  I have every confidence that he will find this effective!</p>
<p>Thank you! Thank you!  Thank you!

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Product Is A Lifesaver!
Reviewer: Jane S. from CA  
The product is a life saver and I have had nothing but perfect service from the store. I had one order that should have contained 2 bottles but I only received one and it wasn't a problem shipped the second one no question, immediately!

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