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  Nail Fungus Control - 33ml
Nail Fungus Control

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Treats & Heals Nail Fungus and Discolored Nails

Nail Fungus Control works. This breakthrough topical treatment is designed to safely act against nail fungus, heal skin, and help restore nails to their natural color.

Nail Fungus Control is formulated to:

  • Heal damaged nails and restores natural color
  • Treat nail fungus in and under the nail
  • Heal Safely! No chemicals, pain or harsh side effects
  • Contains natural anti nail fungal agents

This nail fungus remedy represents a revolutionary advancement in the fight against nail fungus.  Its therapeutic agents deliver a pronounced healing effect against infected nails. It is approved for over the counter sales and doctor recommended.  Results are backed by our 1-year money back guarantee.

Treatment is one-of-a-kind as it features our famous dual modality approach to healing.  It combines certified organic homeopathic medicines to combat nail fungus and key botanicals to sooth damaged skin tissue. These added botanicals expand and support the action of the homeopathics. This is a proprietary formula manufactured and distributed only by Forces of Nature.

The homeopathic agents contain a multitude of bioactive constituents, including proanthocyanins, flavonoids, biflavonoids, xanthones, phenylpropanes.  The soothing botanicals contain a broad spectrum of phenolic compounds.

The lipophilic formula absorbs deep into skin tissue, where it works on a cellular level to effectively treat nail fungus and help promote healthy skin tissue.

Nail Fungus Control is Real Medicine.

It is an advanced treatment approach to remedying nail fungus.  This breakthrough remedy merges condition specific soothing and cleansing botanicals with the power of recognized and established homeopathic drugs to treat nail fungus.  Its formulation is based on 11 years of research and development, culminating in its approval for over the counter sales.  Some of the leading doctors and medical professionals in the industry combined efforts to formulate this revolutionary treatment.

Lead product developer and company founder, Mr. Peter Klapper, plant medicine specialist and biologist, literally travelled the world to source the medicinal plant material needed to produce this treatment. He has developed relationships with growers of certified organic medicinal plants across the globe.  The therapeutic material is flown in directly from these certified organic growers from Nepal, Madagascar, Australia, South Africa, the French Alps, etc. to our USDA Certified Organic facility.  It is then re-quality checked and precision blended by hand into our treatments.

Our treatments are USDA Certified Organic. We only use Certified Organic ingredients because they provide the highest quality and concentration, plus we believe when you're sick the last thing you should do is introduce another toxin, pollutant, or pesticide into your body.

All Forces of Nature products are manufactured in the United States at our facility. We are so confident in our products they are all backed by our one-year, money-back guarantee.

Forces of Nature's treatment is ONE OF A KIND, ADVANCED, POWERFUL, BREAKTHROUGH MEDICINE.  No other company delivers our combination of 2 in 1 treatments, which are also Certified Organic. We are very proud to have this opportunity to offer it to you.

Listen to Dr. Klapper, Product Developer, talk about Nail Fungus Control - All Natural Medicine

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Works Better Than Prescriptions!
Reviewer: Deanna from IL  
I use the nail fungus, h-balm and hemorroid. These products work better than prescriptions.

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  1 of 1 people found the following review helpful:
Definite Improvement
Reviewer: Fred from PA  
You have great service. I've used the product for 6 months, and I've seen definite improvement. I am continuing treatment with this product because it has a positive effect, and I still believe that one day the nail will return to complete wellness.

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  1 of 1 people found the following review helpful:
This stuff is amazing.
Reviewer: Terri T. from TX  
What a wonderful product! I have been using Nail Fungus Control for a toenail fungus I have been fighting for years. For the first time in years I feel that I have pretty feet. Thanks for a wonderful product that delivers what it says it will do. Keep up the good work. This stuff is amazing.

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I am most grateful.
Reviewer: Bob H.  
I have had nail fungus on my fingers for several years and nothing has worked to fix the discoloration. I used your nail fungus treatment in the afternoon and evening. The next morning I could see significant improvement in the color of the nail. I am most grateful.

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I'm sooo happy!
Reviewer: Sandra M.  
I have been using your nail fungus product to get rid of my toenail fungus, which has been an ongoing problem for over a year! It really did an amazing job to get rid of my toenail fungus. My nails had turned a greeny/black color, and after only a week, the fungus is going away, and the new nail growing in is clear. I'm sooo happy!

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