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  Scabies Control - 11ml
Scabies Control - 11ml from Forces of Nature

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Pharmaceutical Strength

100% Organic & FDA Registered.

Immediate Results, Guaranteed.

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Organic Scabies Treatment

Itching. Rashes. All-over discomfort. Scabies, caused by small mites that burrow into the skin, is uncomfortable and painful, and it does not go away on its own. While many treatments for scabies can be irritating themselves, naturally occurring phytochemicals in medicinal plants offer a safe and natural solution to scabies attacks. Combining organic homeopathic medicines with organic essential oils, in particular, can help eradicate scabies. Scabies Control from Forces of Nature provides a guaranteed, 100% organic and safe scabies treatment to get rid of scabies at home.

Scabies Control Offers a Safe Home Remedy for Scabies:

  • Fast and impressive results for the treatment of scabies
  • Deep-penetrating action and rapid absorption to relieve itching and stinging
  • Anti-inflammatory ingredients known for providing soothing relief
  • The activation of the body’s immune parameters to safely and naturally fight the scabies infection
  • Safe treatment of symptoms associated with scabies
  • And more!

Scabies Control provides fast and effective relief for scabies attacks, soothing itching, irritation and rashes on the skin, helping anyone who suffers from scabies to feel more comfortable in their own skin.

Scabies Control is a safe, organic, all-natural treatment for scabies, which can be used by scabies sufferers ages 2 and up. A proprietary blend exclusively targeted to treat scabies, Scabies Control was developed by a team of in-house experts at Forces of Nature who are dedicated to creating safe and natural treatments without harsh side effects or toxic ingredients. Results are guaranteed.

Forces of Nature’s Scabies Control contains an organic compound called thuja occidentalis, which treats stinging and itching skin, as well as certified organic pine oil, neem oil, tea tree oil, clove oil, sesame oil and more. This natural treatment can offer instant help to anyone suffering from scabies.

The proprietary formula for Scabies Control was developed by the Forces of Nature medical team, including a naturopathic doctor and a staff biologist specializing in plant medicine. It is highly specialized and advanced, manufactured in Forces of Nature’s certified organic lab. Forces of Nature’s mission is to provide innovative natural medicines which deliver results to bring healing to the world, and Scabies Control is another addition to that healing force. Like all Forces of Nature products, Scabies Control is backed by a one-year, money-back guarantee.

You can relieve itching, burning, stinging and rashes with Scabies Control, taking control of scabies before it controls you.

This is a proprietary formula manufactured and distributed only by Forces of Nature.

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