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  Wart Control - 11ml
Wart removal treatment

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Strong Yet Safe Organic Wart Remover!

Forces of Nature’s remedy, Wart Control, is a revolutionary efficacious wart treatment for total elimination of warts. The uniqueness of this remedy is that it is made from soothing botanical raw materials that are deliberately made into a product that is condition-specific. Wart Control is an established safe, homeopathic drug for total treatment of warts. This remedy is the result of 11 years of persistent research and development originally with Warts No More. This investment in time and resources yielded a remarkably effective remedy which won endorsement and approved for over-the-counter sales. Some of the leading doctors and medical professionals in the industry combined efforts to formulate this revolutionary treatment.

Wart Control Is Your First Choice Because It Is All Of The Following:
  • Efficacious yet remarkably non-toxic wart remover
  • Unique and first class Certified Organic wart removal
  • Eliminates warts
  • Leaves no ugly tell-tale scars
  • Clears, restores and rejuvenates the skin
  • FDA registered
  • Comes with a one year money-back guarantee
Medical Endorsement:
Forces of Nature's Wart Control works vigorously to fight warts with its powerful mixture of homeopathic remedies and essential oils- Dr. Jackin, Dermatologist

Wart Control is a top-of-the-range natural treatment for warts which:
  • Is FDA registered due to its effective homeopathic ingredients.
  • Is so potent yet safe and free of toxins that it is the only USDA certified organic wart remover currently on the market.
  • Has a proprietary of 2 in 1 blend of strong homeopathic ingredients with soothing botanical oils that have the ability to reach deeply and be absorbed into the affected area to initiate healing.
  • Is so safer that it is recommended by doctors as an approved over-the-counter remedy.
Our leading product developer and company founder, Dr. Peter Klapper, PhD., who is also a plant medicine specialist and biologist has such confidence in this remedy that he has personally invested his time to travel all over the world to source the medicinal plant ingredients necessary for producing this treatment. This has brought him into contact with growers of certified organic medicinal plants, worldwide, with whom he has established working relationships. The therapeutic raw materials are flown in directly from different certified organic growers found in Nepal, Madagascar, Australia, South Africa, the French Alps, etc. to Forces of Nature USDA Certified Organic facility. These raw materials are then inspected and assessed for quality and safety before being blended by hand into our treatments.

Hear Dr. Klapper, Company Founder and Product Developer, discuss All Natural Wart Control

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Filiform wart gone!!! August 8, 2013
Reviewer: Kimberly Fain from Quincy, FL United States  
My 6 year old daughter had a filiform wart on the top of her lip.  It continued to grow and looked like little fingers!  We began using Wart Control on the wart every night and some mornings.  Within a couple of weeks it started to turn brown on the ends and by the third week, she was picking off the dead wart.  I can't tell you how happy I am to have found this product.  It saved my daughter from being teased at school by her classmates.  Thank you Forces of Nature!!

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I Will Never Be Without This June 26, 2012
Reviewer: Linda F.  
I  had gotten an atypical wart ( which looked to me, and my dermatologist like a basal cell carcinoma), dug out and removed.  The resulting depression in my skin was healing and filling in beautifully, when I began to notice, weeks later, a return of something in the middle of the scar.  It started to behave like the original wart.
Not wanting to dig further into the already thin skin between my lip and chin, I decided to investigate what could possibly be done to avoid another scoop-out procedure.  I went to a local health foods store, with a knowledgeable staff member and asked for whatever they might have for the problem.  I knew, in advance, that thugia had anti-wart properties.  The fellow returned with a bottle of your extra-strength H Balm.
Even though that product mentions that it treats herpes, in particular, I thought that I would try it for its anti-viral action. For three days, applying it four times a day, (dropping it on) the area looked, rapidly, larger and weirder then, one morning, after washing my face, I noticed that it was gone. I have continued applying the H Balm four times a day for over a week now.  The skin in the middle of my lesion is looking normal and continues to fill in.  I consider this awesome!(a word that I don't use very often).
I have since ordered two of your actual, and specific, wart products.  I also noted that you have many other specific-condition treatments.  I will never be without a supply of your unbelievably effective H Balm, or wart liquids (more than one strength) again.
Another interesting fact; I wear makeup and I can drop the oil on the wart, it looks oily for a few seconds, but then disappears without leaving my makeup disturbed at all.
Thank you SO much for your wonderful products and personal phone help.  I look forward to recommending your line and your website to anyone that is experiencing similar issues

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Worked Fantastic!
Reviewer: Laura from WI  
Warts no more worked fantastic. I ordered varicose vein control too and was starting to see results for that as well.

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Very Helpful!
Reviewer: Javier from NY  
I have no more warts after using the Wart Control Extreme Strength, it was very helpful. I will continue to order your products.

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It works!
Reviewer: Erin Mathson from IL  
I had warts, and after several not unsuccessful attempts with my doctor's painful methods, I talked to a friend who recommended Warts Control Extra Strength. Ordered it from your site and was pleasantly surprised when it turned up in my mailbox only 2 days later. I was even more surprised at how fast it worked. After only one week the two warts on my hand were gone... completely gone!

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