Homeopathy - Why It Works

Homeopathy stimulates the body's own defense mechanisms to prevent or fight illness.
Homeopathy attacks your health issue on a systemic level. Some remedies just suppress symptoms, but homeopathic drugs work from the root cause of your ailment by activating the specific healing mechanisms tied to that ailment. Once the specific mechanisms activate, your body begins strengthening and naturally heals itself. You heal as your body pushes the ailment out of your system.

Homeopathy is real medicine

Homeopathy is a recognized system of medicine by the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA). It is now amongst the most common forms of medicine used in the world today and the fastest growing segment. In fact, it is now the #1 alternative medicine used in both North and South America. This huge growth and demand is because it works. Since its inception over 200 years ago, homeopathy has provided great benefit to people from all walks of life and of any age, and in countries all over the world.

Homeopathy is scientifically based, safe to use, affordable, and curative of chronic diseases. It uses natural therapeutic agents to stimulate the body’s defenses to eradicate disease and bring about wellbeing. It works to stimulate the system naturally and helps the body return to a state of wellness. The body has a program for well–being, it returns to health if given the right stimuli for setting the healing process in motion. However sick or damaged the body is, it always retains the memory of its wellness, and given the appropriate stimuli, which homeopathy provides, will always strive to return to that state.

As a result, homeopathy has shown to significantly help in the prevention and treatment of illness and disease. It represents first aid treatment for specific acute or chronic conditions that might arise at any time.

The long history of success of homeopathic treatments is therefore bringing homeopathy to forefront of favorable treatments options. Homeopathy aims to clear disease from the body verses merely to suppress symptoms or provide temporary relief as demonstrated by so many pharmaceutical drugs. Duration of treatment, like any medication, depends on how long the disease has manifested in the body, genetic propensity, and severity of existing condition.

About our Homeopathic Treatments

Each of our homeopathic medications is made in our laboratory by our naturopathic doctor from certified organic medicinal plants. These are personally sourced from all across the planet by the owner of the company and flown in to our lab in Sonoma, CA.

Working with medicinal plants is our passion and profession and we take it seriously. We use only strictly certified organic medicinal plant material. These not only provide the greatest therapeutic effect for our treatments, but are also the best for the planet. As a result, there is nodoubt of the incredible purity of our treatments. The quality and therapeutic effect is felt in each and every application.

Only those homeopathic medicines which are listed in the Homeopathic Pharmacopeia are used in our pharmacy and incorporated in manufacturing of our medicinal treatments. The Homeopathic Pharmacopeia demonstrates the findings of specific medicines to remedy very specific ailments and acute diseases.

How Safe is Homeopathy?

Homeopathy is one of the safest systems of treatment available and recognized by the FDA as a complimentary system of healing. Homeopathic medicine provides safe first aid for acute conditions and acute flare ups in chronic problems. Forces of Nature's treatments are registered as FDA homeopathic medicines. Our treatments are extremely reliable and often deliver dramatic healing effects.

Homeopathic medications are effectively free of adverse side effects as they are non-toxic to the liver and other vital organs. For cases of lowered immunity, a proper homeopathic treatment will elevate immune parameters leading to lasting results – effectively reducing intensity, frequency and duration of common ailments and disease. Beyond improving physical and mental states of well-being, homeopathy can free patients from continuous dependency on prescription drugs.

As homeopathy uses only natural substances, it is readily accepted by the body and has no toxic runoff. It is known in the scientific community that toxic runoff from prescription drugs is a growing problem as prescription medication has permeated our water supply.
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