Our Organic Ingredients

The best the world has to offer

The purer the ingredient, the greater its potency

By insisting on only the purest Certified Organic ingredients, Forces of Nature medicine always delivers maximum effectiveness with each application. And importantly, we believe when you're sick, the last thing you should do is introduce another toxin, pollutant, or pesticide into your body. Adding more chemicals only slows down healing, or in many cases, worsens your condition. That's why every one of the homeopathic and botanicals we use is:
  • Certified Organic and grown using sustainable farming methods
  • Tested again for purity and potency before entering our labs
  • At its peak medicinal concentration and bioavailability
  • Supported by peer reviewed clinical trials for therapeutic strength
We source our Certified Organic botanicals from the best Certified Organic farms worldwide – from Madagascar to northern California. These plants are grown strictly for medicinal use. In many cases, they’re grown exclusively for Forces of Nature.

Ingredients grown by farmers dedicated to your health

Each one of our raw ingredients arrives directly from small, Certified Organic farms located far from civilization and pollution. Such as tea tree from a pristine Australian coastline, a special lavender grown in France’s remote Alps-de-Haute-Provence, or a highly potent genus of geranium from Madagascar.

Generation after generation, these farmers remain loyal to their land. Dedicating their lives to growing medicinal plants the old-fashioned way:  In small plots, carefully tended by hand, and using sustainable methods. As a result, the soil maintains high nutrient levels, which increases the plant’s potency. And because these farmers use sustainable methods, you can benefit from these plants while also protecting the environment. These farmers are so passionate about their plants’ potential, many farmers conduct interviews to see if the buyer is worthy of their crop! After tending their crop with such care, they want assurance that whoever uses their plants, treats them (and the earth) respectfully during the entire manufacturing process.

Our founder, biologist Peter Klapper, travels the globe searching for, and regularly inspecting these independent farmers. Many develop such a respect for Forces of Nature, they routinely reserve their entire crop exclusively for our treatments.
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